• Ylvas words about the deck

    I do hope that you will find some joy from my deck. If you like colors, totems, and astrology, it will tell you a lot, but even if you don't, I believe that you will see exactly what you need to see, and if you don't know the meaning yet, you will learn naturally.

    Prisma Tarot has 78 cards just like an ordinary Tarot deck, and the symbolic on each card is basic but then with the three areas of colors, totems, and astrology.

    Tarot has been my most significant interest since 1974, and my favorite deck through the years has been Rider-Waite.

    I have created a deck called - Crystal Wolf - in 1998, and some of the cards in Major Arcane are similar; that deck had also crystal on it (painted).

    Color is my second favorite subject, I love colors, and I like to use the word - color magic -. Colors indicate vibrations, and you can read these energies like patterns and behaviors, expressions that we all are in always. If you're down in energies, you probably are under the effect of red, orange and yellow, if you're in your emotions, it can be the green vibration, and if you're mental, you can be in the indigo vibration.

    Many years ago I was asked to write a text about colors from black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, magenta, turquoise, pink and white and also combine two colors, and I did, and guess my surprise when it turned out to be 78 different combinations. And here they are, on one and each of the cards.

    I work with aura readings, and I also have workshops on the subject of aura, chakras, and colors, and a distance workshop online.

    I have written a book about totems and made a deck with the 78 totems, and the descriptions here are from my book.

    Unfortunate you don't find so much about astrology, that subject is more for you that has that interest or will learn what every planet or signs have for indication.

    Soon my workshops both in Tarot and aura will be translated to English. But now, put the cards on the table and create magic, colorful moment. 

  • Wands

    The elementary entities for Wands are Salamanders. They are the red figures on each card, and they transmit events of actions. They are the characters that burn for actions from a little spark to an inferno.

    These are the element of fire astrology, represented by the star signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

    The totems are more the wild untamed animals, for an example from Africa. 

  • Cups

    On the cards, for Cups, you will find the elementary entities of Water - Undines. They are the green figures on each card that transform a feeling.

    They are the enmities that are in the movements of what happens and express it all from a little smile to a massive explosion of feelings.

    Here are all the elements of water in astrology, represented by the star signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

    The totems belong in the water. 

  • Pentacles

    On the cards of Pentacles, you can see the element from the earth - The Gnomes.

    They are the yellow figures on every card, and they transmit a presence. They are the elements that belong to structure and can be or express all that gets in balance.

    Here are also the star signs of the element of earth in astrology, represented by the Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

    The totems are the animals that belong to the woods and land of common nature. 

  • Swords

    On the cards of the Swords is the element of air - Sylphs.

    The blue figures on each card express an experience. They are the energies that are symbolic of the thought of what happens and represents all that is both expected and unexpected.

    Here are also all the elements of air in astrology, and they represent the star signs of - Twins, Libra and Aquarius.

    The totems belong in the air.